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The 2022 Rothwell Harriers Canal Run Series & Jane Tomlinson Appeal Canal Run

Nochex is proud to sponsor the 2022 Rothwell Harriers & A.C Canal Run Series & Jane Tomlinson Appeal Canal Run .

This year’s series will be made up of 3 events taking place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month starting on May 10th and finishing on July 12th with the Jane Tomlinson Appeal Canal Run which also has the Junior fun run along with the cake competition.

Rothwell Harriers & A.C. have used Nochex to manage entries and collect entry fees for their events and races for the past seven years.

Each year the Canal Run brings together a variety of Yorkshire communities to raise money for a worthwhile cause. For Rothwell Harriers the Jane Tomlinson Appeal Canal Run has a special place in their hearts. Jane Tomlinson CBE was a Rothwell Harrier and took part in the Canal Run.

Sadly, Jane passed away in 2007. Since then, Jane and the Appeal that bears her name have both contributed greatly to the local community. Jane’s memory has been maintained by the launch of her charity appeal. Before her untimely death, and aged just 43, Jane had already raised nearly two-millions pounds for children’s and cancer charities through a series of incredible endurance feats – even while she suffered from her illness.

The Harriers occupy a special place within the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, due to Jane’s membership of the club, and the club’s decision to dedicate their Run to the Appeal with her name.  Jane’s husband, Mike, talked about the special relationship with Rothwell Harriers:

“We’re delighted that the Rothwell Harriers are supporting the Jane Tomlinson Appeal again. The Rothwell Harriers have raised well over £20,000 for the appeal over the past 5 years.”

You can read more about the Jane Tomlinson Appeal on their website.

2019 Canal Run Footage

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal Canal Run uses Nochex to manage entries and collect entry fees

Rothwell Harriers, the race organisers, first began using Nochex for their club management needs in 2013. Registering new club members and taking payments for events was a great way to reduce admin: both saving time for overworked staff and making it easier to keep track of the funds. This meant they could spend more time doing the important things that they really liked.

Rothwell Harriers have noticed a significant improvement in their enjoyment of the Run, since Nochex began providing its JoinUP! service to manage entries and payments. Jason Westmoreland, event director for Rothwell Harriers said: “Leading up to the race, we used to spend lots of time managing funds and administration. Thanks to Nochex this is all automated in one easy to use system.”

Let’s face it, when managing a sports club, the last thing you want to be doing is using your spare time chasing members for their entry fees and managing spreadsheets. At Nochex, we’ve developed a way to collect charges for membership payments. Not only can you register new members online and take payments, but you can raise funds for new kit or equipment, and also create various payment methods.

collect entry fees - canal run membership payments and event management Collect Entry Fees using Nochex – and be as happy as the Jane Tomlinson Turtle!

Manage your membership and collect entry fees with Nochex!

Just like you, we’re flexible with the clubs who use our service. There are several ways we can help you if you are looking for a low cost way to manage your membership and to collect entry fees for your club or event:

  • Recurring Payments – Get paid on time, every time! Whether that’s weekly, monthly or each quarter.
  • Invoices – Send your members electronic invoices via email links for membership, kit, equipment or one-off events.
  • Web Payments – Ecommerce in it’s purest form, sell merchandise from a shop on your website.
  • Telephone Payments – A personal touch is always required when managing a club, phone payments do just that.

Interested in using Nochex to collect entry fees for your sports club or event? Apply now using this link.

How we can help you to collect entry fees

If you are organising a fun run, a competitive race, a cake sale, a tournament or any kind of event, Nochex can help you collect entry fees or any kind of payment, and keep track of the people who pay. We work with thousands of clubs, organisations, schools, and societies to help them receive their fees and manage them. No more cash!

One of the best known events that we have supported down the years is the Jane Tomlinson Appeal Canal Run, on behalf of the late Jane Tomlinson, for assorted good cause. Below we describe some of the work we have done for Jane’s Appeal. If you would like to know how we can help you, please leave us your details here and we will contact you.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch.

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