Pay As You Go Merchant Services

Giving SMEs and entrepreneurs an affordable payment solution!

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Pay As You Go Payment Gateway

Our pay as you go payment gateway makes getting paid simple. And, it costs the minimum amount possible.

Taking online payments is straightforward with Nochex. We don’t charge monthly fees, so that means you only pay as you go! We’ve perfected our system to enable small / medium sized businesses to have the most cost effective payment process.

Many payment processing platforms charge merchants and entrepreneurs a monthly fee for both the payment gateway, and merchant account. Nochex has no monthly fees which means if you want to take a break from your business for a holiday, or perhaps your website is going under development, you wont be racking up extra fees!

pay as you go merchant services and payment gateway from nochex online payments

Pay-As-You-Go Card Payments

  • Save money over time – pay fees only when you get paid!
  • No hidden charges – whether you process 1000 payments or just 1, the costs are the same!
  • Fixed rate processing – some companies blend rates that may cost you more.
  • Merchant Account & Payment Gateway – 1 account, hundreds of tools!

No monthly fees – no contracts!


Nochex created it’s model to ensure that it’s merchants only pay as you go. Our pay as you go merchant services give you the flexibility to shift and pivot your model – without it eating into your cash flow.

There are no hidden fees, or long contracts, which is why many of our merchants choose us. Avoid the lengthy, risky contracts and use Nochex for pay as you go payments.

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Learn why we don't use monthly fees...

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No Monthly Fees!

No Monthly Fees!

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