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If your charity is looking for an online giving platform then you’re in the right place! CharityChex has a low-cost alternative to BT MyDonate, Virgin Money Giving, Just Giving and PayPal!

Our platform is FREE, with just a small fee of 1.4% + 10p per donation – the cheapest solution in the industry. Not only will your charity receive more for each online donation, you’ll also be able to manage your fundraising from your own dedicated charity donation website.

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Online Giving Platforms – made easy!

Choosing a payment solution that is right for you comes down to what you require as a charity. Before you proceed with a provider, stop to ask the following:

What do you need from your payment gateway? Do you only need the functionality to take single donation payments? Do you require the ability to take recurring payments or set up a direct debit?

Consider the level of flexibility you are going to require moving forwards as well as how your chosen provider will work with your other business tools – such as your website.

Is it straightforward and simple to use? If your payment service isn’t easy to use, then this could have serious implications for management staff-side.

Do you have control over the user experience? Will your payment solution enable transactions onsite? How much creative control do you have over the design of the payment process? A bad user experience can have a surprisingly negative impact on donations.

What are the fees? Is it crystal clear exactly how much your payment gateway is going to cost? Many payment services expect you to pay a number of different fees:

  • Separate fees for a merchant account, for a gateway and for processing.
  • A set-up fee, monthly charges and per transaction charges. They may expect you to pay to take money out of your account.
  • They may ask you to pay extra for PCI compliance* and for security tools to identify fraudulent transactions and criminals running schemes targeting your website to launder stolen cards.

What is a payment platform for charities?

Highly simplified, an online payment made to you, requires three connected elements: a place where your payments and donations can be stored – an internet merchant account; a payment gateway where your customers’ transactions get authorized; and, an online giving platform that takes card details from your customer, delivers them through the payment gateway for authorization, and delivers the resulting funds to your internet merchant account.

Nochex makes such a payment solution available in one seamless service. We can provide you with a merchant account, a payment gateway and charity payment processing all in one. Many charities find such an approach highly desirable. It is easy to obtain being through a single supplier, easy to set up and integrate with an existing website, and easy for people making donations to use.

Moreover, Nochex will supply you with your own free web page to help you capture even more traffic and donations. And, our service automatically enables you to accept gift aid.

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A few extra points to consider…

There’s some important things to consider whilst you are choosing an online giving platform.

When you create a website it’s understandable that the first thing you want to do is ensure people can donate.

Nonetheless, while you are getting that sorted, it’s also crucial to consider these related points; do you have:

  • A good website. One that drives more traffic to your good cause and hopefully increases the time they spend there too. Make sure your website is easy to navigate for donors. You can stay on top of this by tracking your drop-off rate on Google Analytics.
  • A clearly set out fundraising campaign. It is key that your cause is clearly explained so that potential donors know exactly what will be done with their money. When they are better assured of where their donation is going, they are more likely to donate.
  • Email marketing and social media platforms. Having a strong online presence across various platforms is a great way to drive further donations. The more people who are aware of and directed to your site, the better.

Understand the charges

Make sure that you are aware of all costs involved – your payment partner might appear to be cheap up front, but a little digging will reveal if it’s really such a “good deal”.

Nochex provides a simple, low cost price structure with no hidden extras. For nearly all payments we charge just 1.4% + 10p for each transaction.

The only exceptions we make are for cards issued outside the UK, for which we charge an extra 1%, and corporate cards, which also incur an extra 1%.

However, we don’t charge separately for a merchant account, for a gateway or for processing. We won’t charge you a set-up fee, we don’t apply monthly charges, and we don’t charge you to take money out of your account. We don’t charge extra for Payment Card Industry Compliance, or for secure payments.

All that we ask is that you keep your account in credit and in good order, and that you regularly withdraw funds from your account.

*PCI = ‘Payment Card Industry’ compliance. This is the scheme operated by the major card schemes, such as MasterCard and Visa, to keep payments secure. Nochex is compliant to the highest level.

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We struggled to find a company that will actually speak to us!! Nochex gave us a call to help us setup our account. They then guided us through making our website compliant and ready to take payments.

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