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    Flexible and secure payment solutions for your business

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    A secure way to pay with Nochex

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Accepting payments online has never been so simple.

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Play all your cards right

Nochex is the smart affordable solution for people and businesses that need to accept online payments. Nochex enables you to receive online payments made from all major credit & debit cards.

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Nochex Integrations

Do you want to take payments for food orders?

We have worked closely with our friends in the online food ordering industry to develop a sizzling solution for you to present to your customers; a menu to choose their meals from and to pay you for their order. To get a little taste of our solution in action.

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Nice 'n' Simple with Nochex

Unlike other online payment methods, we do not charge extra for PCI or anti-fraud online payment systems. Accepting payments online need not be something to worry about when you have a Nochex account.

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Do you use Bumblebee Auctions? Nochex is for you.

Bid knowing your money is in safe hands.

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