You deserve a better PayPal alternative!

Nochex is the UK’s leading independent online payment company. Like PayPal Nochex enables online businesses to accept card payments. In many respects, however, Nochex provides a better solution for many businesses:

  • UK customer service. From our offices here in Yorkshire we offer you the help of our expert support team: you have a dedicated account manager who will get to know your business and help you quickly when you need it. We don’t use call centres – off-shore or otherwise. We won’t make you wait when you call us and we’ll always try to be helpful and friendly.
  • Over 10 years experience. We’ve been helping merchants trade on line since 2000. And the people who started the business are still involved to this day
  • We work with you. Your success is our success, and so if we can see any way to help your business to work better we will tell you. We are always there if you need help. And, unlike some of our competitors, we are on your side: helping you to trade
  • Your cashflow is your business. Some of our competitors will hold onto your cash for days for days on end – even weeks. With Nochex your money is immediately available to you
  • Merchant Account & Payment Processing in one. When you open a Nochex account you don’t have to worry about applying for a separate merchant account and payment gateway, or work out the different charges. We offer one simple solution for all our account holders
  • Pay As You Go. Ours is a simple charging structure – when your customers buy from you we make a charge. When they don’t, we don’t charge you. Simple.
  • Monthly Fees. We don’t have them and we don’t charge them

Why our Merchants use Nochex as a Paypal Alternative

We know that Nochex is a great Paypal alternative, but don’t just take it from us, take a look at what our merchants say about us:

“I came to Nochex when analysing my lost sales made me aware that I was losing custom by offering Paypal as the only online payment option on my website. Many customers are not willing to go to the trouble of signing up to a Paypal account or forget their details on a rarely used one. Nochex is a great alternative to offer to my customers because shoppers don’t have to have an account to make a purchase. I’m confident that offering Nochex alongside Paypal will attract more customers to my store.”

Nochex merchant account holder.



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