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Accepting credit & debit card payments for adult products & services.

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Nochex Adult Merchant Accounts

You have an adult business, now all you need is an Adult Merchant Account. You know how challenging it can be to find a reliable credit card processing provider that will not charge you sky high fees, or make you jump through hoops to begin taking online payments.

It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories where merchants apply for accounts, only to be declined at a later stage for an undisclosed reason.

Adult businesses are often described as being higher risk. This can be for a variety of reasons, which don’t always apply to every adult business, we’ll highlight some of these reasons further in this article.

adult merchant accounts from nochex online payments, supporting high risk business merchants
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Our dedicated UK based support team is ready to answer any questions you have with regards to adult merchant accounts.


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Assured Processing

We specialise working in niche areas of payment processing. So whatever your business focus is on, Nochex works with you from when you submit your application, all the way to accepting your first payment.

Cost Effective

Nochex prides itself on supporting SMEs. Our competitive rates start at 2.9%+20p per transaction – this gets lower the more you process.

Understanding Adult Merchant Accounts

We briefly mentioned some of the challenges merchants face when try to take payments for adult goods and services. Being an accepted for an adult merchant account can be a tricky process, fortunately with Nochex, we’ve tried to make it easier than our competition.

Traditional solutions often do not take a tailored approach when looking into your business model. If you have a low credit score, or perhaps your business has a history of chargebacks, you may be instantly rejected. Fortunately, Nochex looks at every application on a case by case basis, ensuring we take all factors into consideration.

Nochex also charges competitive rates – unlike other financial institutes that often impose a ‘high risk‘ processing fee. Our rates start at 2.9% – whatever you’re selling!

Here are some reasons why you may be finding it difficult to qualify for an adult merchant account;

  • Providing subscription based services
  • Requiring clients to pay per minute
  • Being a start-up
  • The regulations and restrictions associated with the adult industry
  • Processing a large volume of transactions
ipad high risk adult merchant account from nochex. accept credit and debit cards online
adult merchant account from nochex online payments, process debit and credit cards online

Why a Nochex Adult Merchant Account Is for You!

Even if traditional solutions are not available or suitable for you, it is still possible to provide your customers with an option to pay using credit and debit cards for your products and services. Nochex is the right solution for you if you wish to ensure that all payment processes run smoothly and quickly. You and your customers will experience the highest level of security and satisfaction thanks to the innovative features and intelligent technologies we employ, such as telephone payments, website payments, invoicing and MPOS payments!

Nochex has many years of experience helping higher-risk businesses in everything they need to receive payments globally by debit and credit cards. By closely monitoring the legal obligations for payments we help to guide businesses like yours to take payments securely and consistently with the law. Moreover, by ensuring your compliance you can benefit from lower charges than you might otherwise think possible.

Why choose Nochex for your online adult business?

Not only can Nochex provide an adult merchant account for your business to accept credit & debit card payments. We also give you a whole host of payment options and tools.

  • Intelligent recurring billing that ensures quick transactions.
  • Effective fraud and chargeback prevention solutions
  • Payment page customisation that drives customer conversion
  • Multiple currency accounts that allow you to retain funds in the currency in which they were paid and so avoiding high conversion fees.
  • One-click payments allow customers to quickly pay for goods and services.

What’s next?

Complete an application online here, or alternatively if you’d like to speak with one of our merchant account experts, you can contact us via email, or call us directly on +44 (0)113 819 7220.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch.

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