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Not sure where to find something – the Nochex sitemap is here to help you find your way around some of the most important information on our website.

The Nochex Sitemap is a list of the website’s content designed to help users to navigate the site. Our sitemap is organised in alphabetical order to make finding content easy to do!

3D Secure for Safer Payments

3D Secure is a standard developed by the card schemes Visa and MasterCard to improve the security of Internet payments.

About Nochex

A potted history of Nochex payment solutions provider, from its early days as a challenger to PayPal, to its current position.

Acceptable Use Policy

Nochex acceptable use policy (AUP), acceptable usage policy or fair use policy, is a set of rules that we apply that restricts the ways in which our payment service may be used and sets guidelines as to how it should be used.


Payment solutions for people with disabilities. We are in the business of removing barriers that stop people from doing business; therefore, we listen. We are open for business and we think business should be open to all regardless of individual circumstances.

Bumblebee Auctions

Open a Nochex account to get access to Bumblebee Auctions which dispose of a treasure trove of property from UK police property stores.

Contact Nochex

If you need a payment gateway plus merchant account to authorise, process and bank your card payments, you should talk to Nochex. We are the credit and debit card payment experts, and we can help your business. For example, talk to us about how you can accept payments online, over the phone, by sending invoices, using recurring subscriptions, and managing memberships.

Developer Help

This page provides information for developers looking to integrate any Nochex products and services to a website or online platform.

Fraud Prevention and Security

You can rest assured that your online payments are in safe hands with Nochex. We take fraud prevention and security seriously – it is the cornerstone of our business.

Free Merchant Account

A Nochex account that lets you accept card payments and deposit funds in your bank account. Furthermore, this account has free setup for start-up and security conscious online merchants.

Invoice Payments

Nochex has created a simple, low-cost way to create and send invoices to your customers via email, and take invoice payments.


Use these branded logo images to show that your online e-commerce website will accept all leading credit card and debit card issuers including Visa, MasterCard, MasterPass and Maestro using your Nochex card processing and payment gateway services and your Nochex merchant account.

Memberships and Payments

We have a simple membership payments solution for clubs like yours. We’ll keep records for you and we can make your money management entirely electronic.

Merchant Account

Your Nochex Merchant Account lets you accept card payments and deposit funds in your bank account. Therefore, you get payment processing, a payment gateway and a merchant account all in one handy package.

MPOS Payments

Set up MPOS payments (Mobile Point of Sale) for your business. We offer an easy and inexpensive telephone payment solution with top class customer support.

Nochex Lynx

Nochex Lynx provides the ideal payment platform for developers who are looking to integrate a payment solution to their projects.

Nochex News

Keep up to date with the latest news from Nochex. Payment Services from the UK’s leading independent merchant service provider.

Nochex Partners

Earn commission by introducing new customers to Nochex through our Nochex Partners programme. Furthermore, continue to generate income for as long as your referrals trade with Nochex.

Nochex Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Nochex Payment Solutions and outlines all the information required that relates to how we manage your information.

Nochex Security Update

Security updates: Nochex takes the safekeeping of merchants, partners, consumers, shoppers and others using our payment process extremely seriously and we use the latest protocols to ensure the safety of your data and online payments. Our payment gateway conforms to the highest level of security.

Nochex Sitemap

The Nochex sitemap provides a list of the website’s content designed to help users to navigate the site. Furthermore, it is organised in alphabetical order to make finding content easy to do!

Online Ordering

Nochex has developed a low cost, simple way to take orders and get paid without huge development costs or monthly charges. Due to the work we have done, you can focus on building your customer base.

Online Payments

Take online payments through Nochex. Emphatically, we offer an easy and inexpensive online payment solution with top class customer support.

Other Business Solutions

Nochex offers a range of business solutions for merchants, traders partners and affiliates. Furthermore, we are UK based and always available to discuss your business ambition.

Subscription Payments

Subscription Payments ensure prompt payment from customers, helps with cash flow and lowers billing and collection costs by eliminating paper bills.

Telephone Payments

Set up telephone payments for your business. We offer a quick, easy and inexpensive telephone payment solution with world class customer support.

Terms and Conditions

Here you can view Nochex terms and conditions for customers and shoppers alike.


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